Destroyer Wiki: Budget, imdb Rating, Cast, Cast Salary 2019

As a young cop, Erin Bell hid to infiltrate a gang in the California desert, with tragic results. When the leader of that gang reappears, Bell must return through the remaining members while facing his own demons.

Initial release: December 25, 2018 (USA)
Director: Karyn Kusama
Distributed by: Annapurna Pictures
Production company: Automatik Entertainment.
Screenplay: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi

Destroyer Wiki: Budget, imdb Rating, Cast, Cast Salary 2019

Destroyer is a 2018 American crime drama film directed by Karyn Kusama, from a screenplay by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. It stars Nicole Kidman, Toby Kebbell, Tatiana Maslany, Scoot McNairy, Bradley Whitford, and Sebastian Stan.

The film had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival on August 31, 2018 and is scheduled to be theatrically released on December 25, 2018 by Annapurna Pictures. At the 76th Golden Globe Awards, Kidman was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

Nothing Nicole Kidman has done in her career can prepare you for the “Destroyer,” to the extent that it is easy to imagine someone wandering / tuning the movie and watching for several minutes before realizing that the piece of Tanned on the screen is nothing. apart from the alabaster beauty of “BMX Bandits” and “Far and Away”. And that’s just the surface. “Destroyer” can also be called “Nasty Woman: The Movie”, and is so committed to the idea of ​​presenting an antihero in the style of Don Siegel who is dirtier than Harry, more deadly than “The Assassins”.

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Moving from being an FBI cadet with a new face to what seems to be a roadie for the Rolling Stones, this is a transformation on par with Charlize Theron in “Monster”, not only in appearance, but in terms of his whole personality: the way your eyes move. , like those of a scary animal that scrutinizes the horizon in search of an invisible predator; the way he walks, shuffles, rocking under the influence; the way he holds a gun, like another of the guys, or a character in a Michael Mann movie. Kidman has always been a chameleon, but in this case, he does not just change color (or put a fake nose on “The Hours”); she disappears into a completely new skin, rearranging her interiors to fit the tough skin of the character