Happy Death Day 2U – 2019 Wiki: Budget, imdb Rating, Cast, Cast Salary 2019

Caught in a temporary loop, the college student Tree Gelbman must die again and again to save his friends from a psychotic masked killer.

Initial release: February 14, 2019 (USA)
Director: Christopher Landon
Based on: Characters; by Scott Lobdell
Film series: Happy day of death
Production Company: Blumhouse Productions

Happy Death Day 2U – 2019 Wiki: Budget, imdb Rating, Cast, Cast Salary 2019

Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U is an upcoming American slasher film 2019 written and directed by Christopher Landon. It stars Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Suraj Sharma and Ruby Modine. The film is a sequel to Happy Death Day in 2017, with Jason Blum again as a producer through his banner Blumhouse Productions. The film is scheduled to premiere on February 14, 2019,

I probably should have noted this a few days ago, but Universal/Comcast finally gifted us with a teaser trailer for next February’s Happy Death Day 2U. There had been an in-theaters-only trailer playing since the opening night of Blumhouse’s Halloween, but this is A) available online and B) slightly different from the previous teaser. This presumably will be the trailer that plays in theaters from now on, including with prints of (offhand) Mortal Engines, Welcome to Marwen and Glass. It offers a few flashier moments (the skydiving bit was not in the pre-Halloween teaser) and seems to have less sequences of Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) trying to kill herself in absurdist ways.

But it does offer the same “get folks up to speed” montage which lays out the central premise of the first Happy Death Day and gives away the core mystery of Happy Death Day. It’s a frankly shocking choice, considering that you could have laid out the core concept of the 2017 sleeper hit (Tree has to relive her birthday, a day which culminates in her violent murder, over and over again until she figures out who wants her dead) without revealing whodunnit. And while you can choose to watch a trailer online via your phone or HDTV, you have to work a little harder to avoid spoilers when sitting in a theater.

Yes, there is a difference between “Egad, I don’t want to see that spoiler-y Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer!” and covering your eyes and ears when it pops up in a theater versus essentially being surprised both by the trailer for writer/director Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day 2U and then surprisingly spoiled in terms of the narrative events of the first Happy Death Day. If you’ve already seen Happy Death Day (and you darn well should), then you have nothing to fear. But if you haven’t seen the movie, then you won’t realize that you’ve been spoiled until it’s too late. It’s not a capital crime, but it’s… surprising.

It does make a twisted kind of sense when you consider the trailer’s purpose. It’s not about getting you excited to go back and catch up with Happy Death Day before the sequel drop son February 14, 2019. It’s about getting you, general moviegoer, excited about the second round of this Groundhog Day/Before I Fall/Edge of Tomorrow premise, one which apparently plays in the Back to the Future Part II sandbox in terms of reliving the events of the first movie from a different angle. I assume Universal made sure everyone from the first film got paid whether they acted in the sequel or merely appeared in previously-shot footage.

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screenshot of a girl talking to a child
The sequel to the surprise success of 2017 will have more murders, more mythology.

Happy Happy Day was a surprise success for Blumhouse, who adopted a clever, light and not too serious approach to the formula of the Slasher film and gave it an extra touch with a Groundhog Day-style concept in which Tree (Jessica Rothe) They must kill themselves again and again, wake up the morning before and try to find out who is still killing her. It’s a fantastic idea, but director Christopher B. Landon has decided that there is more to the story, and he gives us a follow-up that seems to start right where the last one was.

Not only are other people experiencing déjà vu, but the killer has broadened his ambition, targeting other people in Tree’s life. Similarly, the mystery of why all this is happening has never been explained, although Landon says that the idea he had for the sequel was developed years ago and, in fact, is “hidden from view” in the first film.